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Covidian Æsthetics
Covidian Æsthetics
The shape of things to come: through a glass, sharply.
Guest Columns
Vir[tu]al Space | Matthew Turner
Guest Column #001
Typographic Paranoia | Moselle K.
Guest Column #002
Infinite Impermanence | @angelicism01
Guest Column #003
Reference and Repetition in Conspiracy Theory | @ghostofchristo1
Guest Column #004
A Note on “All Tomorrows Parties” and the Covidian Æsthetic | @angelicism01
Guest Column #005
Fake Noise | Gurmeet Singh
Guest Column #006
The Blackpill | Adam Lehrer
Guest Column #007
Film and/or TV | Yoana Pavlova
Guest Column #008
Viral Media and the Crowdsourced Pseudo-Event | Geoff Schullenberger
Guest Column #009
Finance Punk / Omnicringe Manifesto | Barrett Avner
Guest Column #010
A Science of Stereotypes | Fabián Muniesa
Guest Column #011
No More Stars | Seth Largo
Guest Column #012
The New Commedia | Neil Fitzgerald
Guest Column #013
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun: NFTs and the Prohibition of Expenditure | C. N. Jaimes
Guest Column #014
A Post-Enlightenment Ethics of the Desert Fathers | Ljiljana Radenovic
Guest Column #015
Ghosts of the Pandemic | @ghostofchristo1
Guest Column #016
Egregoric Warfare (for Dummies) | Ray Doraisamy
Guest Column #017
Transmission to Artaud [Toward an Unnatural Theater] | Logan Berry
Guest Column #018
The Individual as Elusive Quarry in the History of Philosophy | Steve Fuller
A response to Ljiljana Radenović's "A Post-Enlightnment Ethics of the Desert Fathers." Covidian Æsthetics. Guest Column #015 (24 July).
Breath and Belief, Part I | Tomoé Hill
Guest Column #019
Breath and Belief, Part II | Tomoé Hill
Guest Column #020
What Matters | Elijah del Medigo
Guest Column #021
The Communicating Vessels | Cornelius Stahlblau
Guest Column #022
Cringe Dialectics | @ghostofchristo
Guest Column #023
Mystery, Authority, and The Will to Manipulate | Duncan Reyburn
Guest Column #024
Notes Toward a Lower Literacy Rate | Elijah del Medigo
Guest Column #025
On the Resurgence in Smoking | Sandra Arau Esquivel / Mike Elias / Luke Rollins
Guest Column #026
The January 6th Committee as Televisual Séance | Anonymous
Guest Column #027

Covidian Æsthetics