About Us

Mónica Belevan is a philosopher, historian, editor and translator with an MDesS in the History and Philosophy of Design by the Harvard GSD. She is the author of two books, numerous pieces of fiction and non-fiction, and the Peruvian exhibition catalogue for the 17th Venice Biennale. She is a founding member of Accursed Share (accursedshare.art).

Alonso Toledo is Strategy Director of Consulting at Gensler. He is an architect, MSc, LEED AP, PMP, mythologist and entrepreneur with a postgraduate in Design of Cities by SCI-Arc. He is writing a book on the role of occupancy in postpandemic architecture.

They are co-founders of Diacrítica, a multihyphenate design, consulting and project management firm producing buildings, policy research and proposals, and the e-journal www.lapsuslima.com.

A complete list of their work and publications is available on LinkedIn.

They live in San Francisco, California.

Covidian Æsthetics examines the shifts in sensibility and focus brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. It features original and archival writing and lectures, the All Tomorrows Parties film series, and guest columns by some of the best voices in Kulturkritik today.

Subscribers participate in a high-intensity durational experiment that started on November 17 [Covid’s birthday]. The Early Warning Tarot makes simultaneous use of the Amano and McLuhan decks to probe the emerging Kultur, its dominant egregores and how we relate to them.


You can reach us at mb@diacritica.com [Twitter @lapsuslima] and at@diacritica.com [Twitter @diacriticon].

Submissions Policy

Contributions are assessed exclusively on merit. We welcome pseudonymous submissions.


We thank Cēsu Pluriversitāte, Journal des Rêves, Mousse Magazine, Spike Art Magazine, the Contain and Outsider Theory podcasts and ribbonfarm.com for their permission to reprint, reproduce, expand, annotate and modify work originally produced for or published by them.

Archive and Hashtags

Associated Twitter hashtags are #2020mythos / #2021mythos / #AllTomorrowsParties / #CovidianAesthetics / #Hyperbaroque / #Kulturinstinkt / #OccupancyManifesto / #TypographicParanoia