Hey I got lost reading this--and--I love Julien from following him on twitter...

But this article vivisects him in such a way that it seems he has now replaced Jesse Waugh (RIP) as my favorite living artist.

All compliments to you for writing in such a way that I can do three things at once:

* Remain enthralled with the subject

* Constantly open the dictionary w/ a 'right click'


* Know that I'm out of my league, but still welcome


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Fascinating article. That Ave Maria, very impressive, reminded me of the work of Leonora Carrington or Remedios Varo. Interesting to see the scythe-like knife as her prosthetic right hand, like the ceremonial ones used by Druids to cut and collect herbs. I know a magician forger who makes similar ones. Being so sharp, I don't interpret it as a "hook" but as a knife.

This is really good: "That which dwells “among the untrodden ways” holds a deeper, darker sway than Hermes, who at least extended us the courtesy of a crossroads."

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